Pulsar Industry presents its extensive range of automation solutions for production processes, automatic packaging and production control.

Pulsar Industry will also participate in IFFA 2022, the most important international trade fair on the meat industry that will take place from 14 to 19 May in Frankfurt.

Pulsar Industry has been in the meat production and processing sector for more than thirty years and produces innovative solutions for production and packaging departments.

The robotized automatic cartooning system for bags and trays: an extremely compact monobloc housing, depending on the packaging process requirements, parallel kinematic robots and anthropomorphous robots that, supported by a cutting-edge vision system, pick the product up, orient it correctly and lay it inside the final container (normal or display).

A complete series of machines covers all ham steak production requirements, from mould making, to repressing after baking, up to the automatic opening of the moulds, emptying and bag packaging of end products.

For salami and ham seasoning, Pulsar Industry presents a modular solution to create a bagging, hanging and loading unit formation line. It features a level of automation tailored upon customer’s requirements.

Out of the bagging machine, either a fully automatic system or, as an alternative, a facilitator that enables the operator to handle very heavy units, operates to form every single bar.

An automatic device arranges layers consisting of various bars, according to their size. The layers are picked by an

anthropomorphous robot or – depending on the speed and payload – by an aisle crane that fills the racks.

A stainless steel shuttle collects the racks and weighs them by means of its weighing cell. In the end the shuttle transfers the racks into the seasoning cells.

The system includes the control parameter management of the cells and the final handling, assisted by the stainless steel shuttles and anthropomorphous robots or aisle cranes, toward packaging or slicing lines.

This fully integrated system enables monitoring the daily weight loss in the cells thanks to the shuttles’ automatically weighing any loading unit, thus providing the most complete product seasoning and quality levels Among Pulsar Industry’s

latest solutions, it is worth mentioning fully robotized plants to make moulds of bresaola and ham for slicing, and stainless steel automatic storage systems provided with stainless steel, auto-sanitizing travelling lifts able to handle crates of fresh meat and semi-processed products.

In addition to this, the company also produces robotized systems for turkey load and discharge, robotized sorters for production departments for the handling of portioned meat and semi-processed products, and robotized palletizing plants for pallet making for finished product storage.

It is also possible to carry out integrated analysis on manpower, energy consumption, other industrial expenses, machine stops at any work cycle, and production efficiency basing on Overall Equipment Effectiveness – OEE index.

Pulsar Industry engineers and manufactures the mechanics, control boards, equipment and automation. All plants are provided with the departmental software Dynamic, which as well as including traceability and quality files management, it also reads and compare all function data in such a way as to provide efficiency and productivity graphics in real time.

Using Dynamic Pulsar Industry’s customers can line out the improvements areas of their plants thanks to the OEE index.

This is the first, crucial step to increase marginality.