For salami hanging and seasoning, Pulsar Industry has developed an automatic system equipped with anthropomorphous robots that display the products hung in bars, and their following batching for the seasoning cells. The system includes the control parameters management of the cells and final handling, assisted by stainless steel, automatic drive shuttles and anthropomorphous robots toward packaging and slicing lines. This fully integrated system enables to monitor the daily weight loss of all the cells owing to the shuttles’ capacity of automatically weighing every single batch and granting the most complete control of the seasoning level and quality degrees of the product. It is also possible to carry out integrated analysis of labour, energy and other industrial expenditures, stopovers for each work cycle, and production efficiency on OEE–Overall Equipment Effectiveness.

Pulsar Industry engineers and manufactures the mechanics, control boards, equipment and automation of the whole system, and last but not least, software control of department production. This specific function is operated by Dynamic, the departmental software for production control in the food industry, for overall management, simple and efficient batch traceability, accurate and highly automated quality files management. Entirely designable by the user, they can be easily organized and connected with the most significant event of the production process.

In addition to this, Dynamic can also read and compare all function data in such a way as to provide graphics of the variances, from efficiency and productivity parameters in real time. Using Dynamic, the already Pulsar Industry’s customers are able to line out the improvements areas of their plants thanks to the OEE index. This is the first, crucial step to increase marginality.