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Pulsar Industry: the strength of integration

Quality and efficiency thanks to full integration of mechanics, automation and information  technology

A few kilometers off Modena, on new bigger and more functional premises, 50 Pulsar Industry mechanic, electronic and IT engineers and technicians work closely to find and develop the best solutions to meet the requirements of even the most demanding customers. Pulsar Industry’s main point of strength lays in the integration of the different disciplines. Since the early pre-sales steps, the company’s commercial staff work closely with the technicians boasting sound knowledge of industrial production, packaging and logistics, with special regard to the food sector, which is main area of Pulsar Industry applications.

The tasks that both the commercial staff and pre-sales technicians bring home are then dealt by the Technical Department with the goal of finding the best solution, always taking into consideration all the mechanic consequences they may have, as well as the possibility of installing automation devices, from the most sophisticated anthropomorphous robot down to the simplest sensor, and interactive ability with control and management software systems.

The solutions to find at the study stage are thoroughly analysed from the economical points of view and proposed for installation provided that they can definitely help the purchaser save money. In fact, a sophisticated and maybe really good-looking automatic solution would be quite useless if it cannot be paid off on the short run.