The result of passion and enthusiasm

Established way back in the Eighties, Pulsar Industry has always conducted its professional dealings in the various fields in which it works by drawing from its experience and skill.

Two values it has acquired by working for leading enterprises to which it has proposed the best solutions for attaining their ambitious goals.

To achieve all this, it regularly invests in training and updating. This policy allows Pulsar Industry to come up with technological solutions of the most pioneering kind.

Painstaking experimentation with the proposed solutions forms the foundations on which the company’s heritage is based.

All the situations in which the new technologies will function are carefully reconstructed in the plant where Pulsar Industry’s engineers, electronic and computer experts work and where the ideas, solutions and projects are created in absolute harmony. With passion and imagination.

Over two hundred projects have now been applied in different enterprises belonging to the most varied industrial sections and represent a reference that’s worth more than mere words.